Mower History — Part III

No InfoThrough the years, Lawn-Boy has continued to improve in design and performance- of Lawn-Boy products. This is one reason why Lawn-Boy is one of the world leaders in the industry. Lawn-Boy is one of the few manufacturers that offers a complete choice of models designed to fit all mowing requirements. From the apartment dweller to the estate owner, Lawn-Boy offers a choice to satisfy all lawn and garden requirements.

Tests have shown the Lawn-Boy D-400 Series, 2-cycle engine, to be one of the best engines available. The heart of your mower is the engine, and the D-400 Series is designed to offer years of dependable service.

1972 — Lawn-Boy introduced its first solid state (CD) D-600 Series engine. Available with manual or electric start — self-propelled or push-propelled models. The solid state ignition system has no moving parts and, is completely enclosed, reducing ignition failure while producing up to 30,000 volts. With no points, coil, or condenser to replace, it offers longer sparkplug life.

The allnew carburetor used on the D-600 Series engine is completely automatic. No adjustment, other than an atmospheric-pressure adjustment, is required. A new primer system forces compressed air into the float chamber, which forces fuel into the carburetor venturi. This method of priming is effective, and consequently, one prime is usually sufficient to start the engine. The larger muffler design reduces noise and exhaust down into the turf.No InfoNo Info

Lawn-Boy developed the revolutionary CORDLESS ELECTRIC MOWER — Powered by 36 volts, this compact mower contains all the engineering “know-how” and safety features of gasoline-operated mowers. Excessive noise and exhaust fumes are eliminated. One more FIRST for Lawn-Boy.

In the future, Lawn-Boy will continue to improve to offer you, the dealer, and your customers the best product available.


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