Solo Engines
Listed below are the various series of the Solo four-cycle engines and some data regarding them.
Series Cycle Bore Stroke Displacement Horse Power Spark
Plug Type
Plug Gap
       *Spark Plug:
              Recommended plug is Bosc W175T1,Champion L-85, AC 42F, Autolite AE3 or
              equivalent. Electrode gap is 0.018-0.020

              Tillotson model HR19A carburetor is normally used.
(Source: Some of the data are from “Small Engines Service Manual”)
**206 1 2.56 2.13 10.9 1.5 *CL-85 or AE3, AC 42F 0.018-0.020
**209 1 2.8 2.13 13.4 1.5 *CJ8 or AC CS45T 0.018-0.020