Listed below are the various series of the Pioneer Engines and some data regarding them.
Model Cycle Bore Stroke Displacement Horse Power Spark Plug Type Spark Plug Gap
(Source: Some of the data are from “Small Engines Service Manual”)
A 1 2-1/3 1-5/8 6.8 1-1/2 *CJ8 0.025

This engine was designed for washing machines, reel and rotary mowers, snow blowers, ”Sno-mover” lighting plants, battery chargers, and numerous other machines. Other models are AM, AL, ALA, AG, ALB, RT3, and 2 AV 2-Cycle Engine

Starting: Rope

Spark Plug: *A Champion J-8 or equivalent spark plug is recommended for all models.

Carburetor: Carburetor may be either float or suction type. The float-type carburetors were equipped with separate idle and high-speed fuel-mixed jets.

Governor: All models are equipped with air-vane-type governors. Be sure that air vane, carburetor throttle valve, and linkage operate freely.

Magneto and Timing: Flywheel-type magnets are used on all models. Breaker points and condenser are located under the flywheel. Breaker point gap on all models are 0.023-0.025, and condenser capacity on all models are 0.18-0.25 mfd. Timing on these engines is fixed and non-adjustable.

Lubrication: Crankshaft capacity on all models is 1-1/4 pint. Use SAE 30 oil when operating in temperatures above 32 degrees F and SAE 10W in temperatures 32 degrees F and below.